The votes cast for all resolutions at the 2014 Annual General Meeting were as follows:

No. Resolution Votes for Votes against Votes withheld Percentage for*
1 To approve the Annual Report and Accounts 22,093 41 39 99.81%
2 To approve the Report on Directors' Remuneration 21,697 354 122 98.39%
3 To appoint Deloitte LLP as Auditors of the Society 22,014 108 51 99.51%
4 To approve the changes to the Society’s Rules 21,951 118 104 99.47%
5a To re-elect Richard Atkinson 21,937 146 90 99.34%
5b To re-elect David Clarke 21,916 157 100 99.29%
5c To re-elect Alan Johnston 21,967 115 91 99.48%
5d To re-elect John Kidd 21,956 128 89 99.42%
5e To re-elect Michael Pratt 21,934 148 91 99.33%
5f To re-elect Peter Temple 21,960 123 90 99.44%

* A vote withheld is not a vote in law and is not counted in the calculation of the proportion of the votes for and against the resolution.

Mr Atkinson, Mr Clarke, Mr Johnston, Mr Kidd, Mr Pratt and Mr Temple were all duly elected.

The Society will be donating £11,087 to the Motor Neurone Disease Association and MND Scotland, in respect of the Society’s pledge for votes at this year’s Annual General Meeting.

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